Carnage Seminar Outlines

Nathan Carnage Corbett

Seminar Topics

Do 1 seminar for an action packed session to learn from and train with Carnage. Learn the fundamental aspects of his success. Training skills, drills, mid set and his speciality elbows! Enhance your clubs knowledge and have a special guest to vitalise and motivate your members.

Do a series of seminars to learn the true essence of what made Carnage great and can improve your own style and coaching. Learn and get more benefits by running a series of seminars. The best way to experience the Carnage style and truly integrate his brilliance into your students is to have Carnage at your club for more than a one off! You can do a package of seminars of to get the most out of Carnage – select 1 or more seminars that suit your club the most. Packages include:

The general Seminar. A little bit of everything and an experience your students will never forget.

Carnage Seminar

Carnage Experience: A 2 hour action packed seminar where your students can be inspired & motivated by Carnage. Learn his trademark elbow science and training style. This seminar encompasses drills and skills that work at the highest levels and can easily be picked up by beginner students. Students will get to listen to Carnage talk about his most famous fights, see Carnage in action in demonstrations and get the opportunity to train with Carnage during the seminar.


Elbow Boxing: Focus on the Carnage science of Elbow Boxing. Move from basic elbows to a deliberate system of integrating elbows into your style. Learn from the best elbower in the world a proven system developed in over 60 fights. Learn how to set up a winning elbow, how to intimidate people with elbows and how to make them flow naturally.

Nathan Carnage Corbett

Motivation and Inspiration: Have a 1 hour lecture from Carnage about motivation, training, success and what it takes to be an 11 time world champion.


The Fight Career: Follow the path of Carnages career. Learn how he improved and adapted from being an Aussie champion to world champion to Glory fighter. Carnage will walk you through a history of his fights by training the drills, skills and mindset he had to change, learn and adapt from his wins and losses. Carnage will talk about a fight and what he learned and then what he trained to win the fight and then what he trained to improve for the next fight.


Drills and Skills: An intermediate Level Seminar focused on really training for a fight. Drills and skills that have worked for Carnage. Integrating combinations and methods that made Carnage great. How to train to be faster, hit harder and make things work. How to break the pattern of your opponent and win.

drills n skills

Pick one or combine a few seminars. Get the most out of Carnage by getting him to return and build your students. 1 seminar is a great event but return seminars will allow you to learn the Carnage style and integrate it into your training. 

elbow seminar


This is a style that I’ve developed over 20 years of learning elbows and then applying it to boxing combos for that extra flow and uncertainty for the opponent.

carnage elbow

The biggest hidden secret about my elbows being so quick and almost at times unseen or unpredictable, is it first has to be present in your mind before you see the opening or even better create the opening.


This is how I can use them with flow in my boxing combos so easily. My main goal is to land an elbow in every encounter that is suited possible, and to conflict as much damage as I can by doing so.

You have to have the thought of the end result while still using all other skills to create this. By having this mindset the elbow is always loaded ready to fire!!

Making it hard to see by your opponent.

The best way to put this together is with punching. Hand to elbow back to hand, or elbow to hand back to elbow.

Like any skill you need to first sharpen every technique first making sure that each one is as perfect as you can make it.  This takes many years of repetition and discipline and a constant mind awareness.

Nothing can beat hands on experience in this type of game, so having 64 fights has allowed me many times to practice in a real situation. Making mistakes and also lots of right things has given me the opportunity to develop a style like no other when it comes to carnage elbow boxing.



First you have to learn the technique then you have to fight with 100% effort of letting it all go!! Elbow and as time goes on you will get smarter sharper and more accurate. Learning the most important things like when, how and why!!

  1. When to throw this elbow?
  2. How to throw that elbow ?
  3. Why this elbow ?

When I add boxing to this it just gives us so many more options and will make your elbows almost unseen by your opponent, not to mention the damage the hands are doing while there worried about the elbow coming.