Karate Carnage in the United Kingdom


Nathan Carnage Corbett is currently in the United Kingdom where he has been teaching at the Martial Arts Academy of his friend Ciaran Mitchell.


‘It’s been 15 years since I’ve worn a Karate Gi

I got the opportunity tonight to teach again in a dojo while wearing the belt of my past Hero and friend Shihan Pierre Ingrassia. He was a great man and this dojo was built in honor of him by Sensei Ciaran Mitchell, another great friend of mine.


To put the Gi on tonight brought back so many memories of my past teachings. The beginning of my path. I always felt a power that came from tying the belt….a special moment of surrender and commitment to the warrior code of life. Karate is a way of life. It is about respect, discipline, courage and honor…all things that most people have forgotten to live by. It’s not all about fighting and who is Best or what art is best ….its about self improvement. The true master fights without fighting and is not even there to be in the fight. Be in the fight with yourself, the fight to grow, the fight to better oneself and not the fight with others!’


Had a great time today teaching these kids a few moves! Couple leg kicks and few elbows mixed in with lots of other strikes When teaching kids or any beginners you must not forget the mind of a white belt.


To be great at teaching this is so important,it allows you to remember you were once there before so teach from that awareness so that your teaching can be received by all levels. You must not forget the beginning lessons as they are the foundation you have built,so when getting to higher levels it’s important to still remember the basics!

Teaching does this,it allows you to take few steps back and remember your foundation.. In life we were once a baby and in martial arts we were once a white belt.

Use your wisdom from an adult/black belt to teach as a white belt when required. Life or martial